Thursday, January 10, 2008

A New Year Begins

Happy New Year! I don't make resolutions, but I do hope to keep up with my knitting this year, and with blogging about it!

I had hoped to spend the week before Christmas knitting and relaxing, but it was not to be. I began my cookie baking the day after Thanksgiving, but I still didn't have enough time to be done with everything early enough to be able to just relax. Next year I'm starting the day after Halloween! Cookies freeze really well...

I decided I really need to finish some WIPs that have been sitting around for few years, before I start anything new. (This is NOT a New Year's resolution - it's not!) I really don't like finishing, although in general I do like to sew.

I did, however start two new, quick projects - hats. A friend's young granddaughter underwent brain surgery last week, which required her to have part of her head shaved. A group of us decided to knit her some hats to keep her head warm until her hair grows back. The blue hat is Foliage from's Fall issue. The purple one is the Cecily Beanie from Louisa Harding's "Knitting Little Luxuries: "Beautiful Accessories to Knit." The pattern is available through Interweave Knits' "Knitting Daily."

Though you may not know this little girl, please keep her in your prayers for a quick recovery.


geekette said...

That butterfly hat is so perfect for Alex! I hope she enjoys all her new hats. She won't know what hit her *g*

fleegle said...

Those are sweet!

Mica said...

Lovely hats! I love both the patterns!